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Sam and Jack clashed when they first met, but eventually formed a bond after their missions to Abydos and Chulak.

"I adore you already, Captain. "


While infected with an alien virus that turned them into primitives, Sam tried to seduce Jack, and Jack got very defensive when Daniel was concerned about Sam.

"I want you. "


After the Stargate malfunctioned, Sam and Jack were trapped in Antarctica, unaware of their location. When a rescue seemed unlikely, Jack urged Sam to leave him, dying, in order to save herself.

"As much as I might otherwise think this was nice... "


While in an alternate reality, Daniel found a version of the SGC where Jack was the General in charge of the facility, Sam had never joined the Air Force — and the two were engaged to be married.

"I take it they're not engaged in your reality. "


An alternate version of Sam and Major Kawalsky appeared out of nowhere in Area 51 via the quantum mirror, asking for help to stave off a Goa'uld invasion in their reality. To Jack's great discomfort, he learned that the alternate version of Sam was married to her Jack, and that he had died while defending the mountain.

"You don't even see her that way, do you? "


When Jack became stranded on another planet after its Stargate was buried by a meteorite, Sam worked tirelessly for three months to find a way to bring him home.

"You miss him. " "Yeah. "


When it appeared that Sam and Jack were programmed Goa'uld assassins, they were forced to admit their feelings for one another in order to prove their innocence.

"I didn't leave, because I'd have rather died myself than lose Carter. ... Because I care about her... A lot more than I'm supposed to. "


While stuck in a time loop, Jack took advantage of the situation by handing General Hammond resignation papers, then sweeping Sam off her feet with a big kiss — all of which only Jack could remember after the time loop reset itself.

"Resigning? What for? " "So I can do.. this... "


When SG-1 was held prisoner on an alien world and forced to work as slave labor with modified memories, Sam and Jack were still drawn to one another. During a conversation regarding what small bits of information they could remember about who they really were, Jack admitted that he remembered feeling feelings for Sam.

"I remember feeling feelings. ... I don't remember much. But I do remember that. "


In an alternate version of the future, a falling-out with the other members of SG-1 had caused Jack to retire to his cabin in Minnesota. But when Sam asked him for his help to save the future, he reluctantly complied, putting his life on the line.

"What does your dearly beloved ambassador say about all of this? " "I haven't had a chance to tell him. " "Maybe he can help you. "


After Sam's body was taken over by an alien entity, Jack made the ultimate sacrifice by zatting Sam twice - presumably killing her - in order to maintain security of the base.

"This one is important. " "She is. "


When Sam went missing, Jack enlisted the aid of an unlikely ally - Colonel Maybourne - to get to the bottom of her disappearance.

"We're talking about Carter here. "


Jack came down with a deadly disease, and the only way to save his life was with a Tok'ra symbiote. At first he refused, but after Sam pleaded for him to, he agreed.

"Sir... Please... "


After Jack was transported to an unknown location along with Colonel Maybourne, Sam broke down at the thought of never figuring out where they were sent.

"It feels like we just lost Daniel. And I don't know if I can... "


When Sam's life was in jeopardy after her DNA was unstablely manipulated by Nirrti, Jack offered his life in exchange for restoring Sam's health and letting his team go.

"Fix what you've done to Carter, let the rest of my team go, that's all I ask. You can do whatever you want to me. "


Trapped alone aboard the Prometheus with a head injury, Sam began experiencing hallucinations of her teammates. When “Jack” appeared to her, she allowed herself to admit that she had feelings for him.

"What if I quit the Air Force? Would that change anything, or is it just an excuse? "


When Jack realized that Sam was dating someone, the two shared a very awkward conversation about it.

"No, it's great. " "Really? " "Isn't it? " "Well, it's not serious or anything. "


After the Alpha Site was attacked by Anubis' forces, and it seemed unlikely that Sam could have survived the ambush, Jack refused to give up hope of finding her.

"C'mere. "

HEROES part 2

After seeing Jack hit by a staff blast in the middle of a firefight, Sam opened up to Jack and let him know that she still cared for him.

"Sir, I just wanted to say... When you were lying there, I- I'm really glad you're okay. "

LOST CITY part 1

Knowing that Jack may not survive the Ancient knowledge being downloaded into his mind, Sam found herself at his doorstep, realizing it could be her last chance to talk to him heart-to-heart.

"I uh, I was out driving. You know, in my car. And I, uh, I- I drove - here. Heh. "

LOST CITY part 2

With Jack near death after saving Earth from Anubis' forces, Sam urged him not to give up so easily.

"Please... Jack! "


Sam decided she was making a big mistake marrying Pete, and broke off the engagement. Jack's new girlfriend broke up with him, telling him he had "issues" she couldn't deal with, which was the fact that he was in love with Sam.

"Is the Air Force the only thing keeping you two apart? Rules and regulations? Because if it is, you're making a very big mistake. "

MOEBIUS part 2

After meeting for the first time, the alternate Sam and Jack hit it off pretty quickly.

"What? " "It's just a little weird hearin that kind of stuff come out of someone so... " "So what? " "Hot. "